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Cheyenne M. Crossett
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First and foremost, I am one head on the Mod Hydra over at the writing community brigits_flame, and I would like it if you'd come play with us. :-) Message me for details if you need to.

This journal is typically a mirror image of my Word Press journal, ricochey.wordpress.com.

I did my best to list as many "taggable" interests when prompted, but here's a less generalized focus.

My name is Cheyenne. I am a writer, but I am still defining that identity. Am I only a short story writer? Am I truly a novelist? Am I screenwriter in disguise? You're always answering those questions, I am finding. All I really know is that I am an artist, and I take several shapes.

I am a lover of art, in most any form. Film, production, installation, music -- if it is done well, it is for me. I love a great deal of different kinds of music, from 1940s Bluegrass to today's top 40, though the longer time goes on, the more music seems to... deviate. I also love movies, and here are the first ten that come to mind as I type today: Jurassic Park, Titanic, Lord of the Rings series, V for Vendetta, the Scream series, Old Yeller, Pan's Labyrinth, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Hook. That's just what I thought of randomly at this moment. Might be different later. I don't have television, but my favorite television includes Sex and the City (obsessed is a light term), The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Newsradio, Futurama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (newly discovered in 2014), and Degrassi: The Next Generation. Yeah... those things together.

I never feel like I've read as many books as I think I have. I seem to forget the real list when I'm asked. Aside from being a gigantic Harry Potter fanatic, I always remember that I have read Lucas by Kevin Brooks and White Oleander by Janet Fitch, so those must have left the deepest marks. I like fiction that relates to life. I don't do well with complete fantasy, and I have difficulty reading some writers' style, even if the content is wonderful. Sometimes I come back and try again and it goes more smoothly the second time, but not always. Good example? I tried to read Game of Thrones. Couldn't do it.

I think a well-done graphic novel is a masterpiece. Go read Blankets by Craig Thompson and then the Death series by Neil Gaiman.

I love animals, and adopted my spin on the vegan lifestyle in August of 2014 as another step toward truly defending their rights as living things. I do not believe the consumption of flesh is wrong. I believe the industry that produces meat, dairy, and eggs is corrupt and filthy.

Video games are art. Go play Skyrim and tell me that isn't art.

I get sidetracked a lot.

Someday I'm gonna figure out who I am. I can't wait to meet her.

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